Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We still have a few Jam tees available. They are printed on American Apperal long tees, super comphy, the are dip dyed and there is a 4 color print, maybe 3? whatever! Contact me the shop, 860-779-6440, or on FACEBOOK and I can ship you a tee for $15 bucks including shipping!!! Show your support by wearing your jam tee everywhere!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Post jam Post!!!

I am working on getting the links to all photos and videos and so on!!!  Thanks to everyone who came out, and tune in next week for photo blasts!!!!
Here is a few from Joe Miller!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Last Post!!!! The Dickhead post.

OK, by now hopefully you all know about NEJC, this Sunday october 6th at 90 Wauregan rd Danielson Ct 06239 from 12-darkish and it's 10 bucks to get in.
I have been working day and night to bring all of you this jam so pretty please with sugar on top DO NOT ASK ME TO GET IN FOR FREE. Unless your name is Mat Hoffman, it's 10 bucks.

Rep your local shop!! If ever there was a day to show support for your favorite shop, this is it!!!

Please Please Please CARPOOL!!! Park in the designated parking areas clearly marked on the "Parking Page" Please park your cars in neat rows to allow as many cars as possible in the lot.
If you can, park in town and take a nice 5 minute bike ride to the Jam. Parking should be the only problem I am going to have to deal with so please do me the favor and park where you are supposed to park.


Please leave any attitudes at the door, this Jam is about uniting and being friends. I am the only person allowed to be a DICK at my Jam.

Thanks guys, drive safe, and I'll see you all on Sunday!!!!

Chuck Goldy

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Ramps coming to the jam top to bottom, DG, Fat-Trax, Southbridge bicycles, Rye Airfield!!!!


Robbo sent over boxes of Cult stuff for the Jam!!! This shit is off the hook!!!! Get some Cultshit this Sunday at NEJC!!!!

The be good kids support NEJC

Just got a package from a new start up called "The be good kids"  They liked what we were doing and wanted to be a part of it!!   Check em out!!!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Merritt at NEJC!!!

I have known Mike now for quite a few years and he has always been nothing but amazing to me and my business.  I know all the New England shops feel the same way and man did Merritt go over the top with their support of this years NEJC!!!  It was last year that Mike mentioned he was starting Merritt and they have just killed it in the past year!!!  Check out the Merritt booth for some deals on all Merritt goodies and when you buy something from them, they give your local shop a credit for that product!!  Make sure you find them and support the brands that are doing it for all the right reasons!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Check out the Jam Tees available at the ANIMAL BIKES Booth at NEJC!!!! Make sure you get there early to get one, i think they made 250!!!???
It would be my first stop after I bought the official Jam tee, then the Tables and Fables jam tee, then the...... well, your going home with a bunch of amazing clothing anyway!!!

Make sure you give these guys some major thanks when you see them!!! It goes along way!

NEJC 2013 VENUE!!!!

Check out the spot for this years NEJC!!! Should be plenty of room and I'm planning it out to the best I can, everyone should be ridin together this year!!! Lots of grass to sit and watch, bring a chair and get comphy!!!

Ramp course
Street course

Vending A

Vending B

Mauls Bike Shop and NEJC!!!

Check out the Mauls Bike shop Obstacle!!!!

Tell us the history of Mauls bike shop.

Oh man. Long history. My dad always had some kind of hobby/business going on… from making dune buggies to fixing lawnmowers. Sometime in the mid- 1980’s my brother and I had accumulated a bunch of bikes that we no longer rode… my dad fixed them up, painted them, and sold them out on the front lawn, and then he was hooked. He drove truck for a long time, and he used to pick up crappy old used bikes on his way home from work, mostly from some old dude who lived nearby. He would bring them home, fix them all up in the garage and sell them... one day, the old dude died and my dad bought all of his old bike stuff off of his widow for I think $500… the guy had probably an acre of land literally piled six feet deep in bikes and bike parts dating back to the 1930’s. So for a while he had a supply of old bikes and parts that he could fix up and sell, and I would help him out… eventually we hooked up with a couple of distributors because we found that we needed stuff like tubes and cables, and things pretty much snowballed from there… around 1995 or 1996 my dad’s back and neck were too effed up to drive a truck anymore, I quit the job that I had at the time, and we both dove into it full time… and the rest is history! My dad retired and moved to Maine maybe eight years ago, I took over the shop, and now here we are. Even though it can be stressful at times, I feel so lucky to be able to do something I love every day! Couldn’t do it without the help from TL, Gamache and Josh King, so thanks dudes!!

Why do NEJC??
All of us who work at the shop have all been riding BMX for a long time, and that has always been the main focus of the shop … only makes sense for us to join in the fun that is sure to be had at NEJC, plus it will be cool to see a lot of faces I don’t get to see too often!

Any special plans for NEJC this year??
Yes, I plan on actually being there this year! Last year, my wife and I planned a vacation around Jam Chowda, then it got rained out and moved up a week, which was of course the week I ended up being on vacation! This is usually how my plans work out, hahah oh well.

Thanks John!!! Check out these pics of the shop and the crew, hit up the site and follow them on the gram!!!