Wednesday, October 1, 2014 photo gallery

Rob Dolecki was onhand to have great conversations with and shoot some photos of friends and bmx family.     Check out what he got here!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


OK, 12 hours till Jam starts. The address, price, parking, all the info you could ask for is on this site.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE< PARK in the lot before the Jam site. There are signs pointing you there. It's a short walk/ride to the Jam.
Please stay out of Big Y parking lots and Jolly Commons parking lots. See the parking page above.
RESPECT the property, treat it like it was your moms. There are not many people that would open their place up to this sort of thing so give thanks by keeping it clean and just staying in the Jam area and not walking all around the property.
Please Please Please just help me out and do these simple things!!!
Have a fun, safe time, see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Standard Bykes supports NEJC 2014!!!!

Rick and his wife Jess were kind enough to send another raffle box full of Standard goods to us for this years Jam.
I was especially excited to open this box as I am a veteran in the Standard army.  I wanna say I have owned 4 standards in my day.  Either way, this is a grass roots do-it yourself BMX brand and I am proud to have their support for NEJC!
Check out the brand new Standard bikes site by clicking the link on the left of this site!!

Merritt is back again for a 3rd year!!!!

Mike Brennen and his Merritt BMX crew will be unhand once again at this years NEJC!!!  The first year Merritt was in the idea stage and now just 2 years later Merritt is running with the big dogs.
One of the coolest things about being an "insider" industry guy is when I hear brands talking about other brands in a positive way, it doesn't happen enough, but when it comes to Mike and Merritt he is def making waves cause people have taken notice.   The brand that is doing it right from day 1!!
Check out the product they sent over for this years NEJC raffle table!!!

Make sure you stop and talk to Mike at the Merritt booth and check out the new tires, sprockets, free coaster, and other new parts on there way soon!!!
Click the Merritt link on the left to check out the site!!!

BLACKOUT DISTRO, Home of KINK bikes is back again!!!!

Black out distribution, AKA Kink Bikes, will be at NEJC again this year with a super fun booth boasting all the brands they supply to the BMX community across the US and the world.   Fiend, Protec, ODI, just to name a few.  It's a one stop shop for any BMX retailer.   

Kink will be setting up a carnival type booth to make fun of people and basically give everyone an all around hard time in the name of FUN. True BMX over there!!!  
Check out all the stuff they sent over for our Jam raffle!!!   Amazing.   Click the BLACKOUT Link on the left to check them out!!!

Colony supports NEJC 2014!!!!

Our good buddy Keith over at Colony BMX sent us a few goodies for the raffle at NEJC!!!   He will be on hand at the Jam, make sure you catch him!!! HUGE THANKS to Colony BMX!!  Hit the link on the left of the site to see all our industry support!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NEJC is 10 days away!!!!!

OK, it's go time for the final NEJC!!!!
Shops are all in, once again the support for this type of event is amazing and all due to the awesome shops and brands we have here in New England!!!
Product for the raffle is pouring in box after box, the bands are ready to rip, Ramps are looking fun, it's a go!!!
Please tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone about the Final NEJC!!!! Next Sunday September 28th!!!!